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Is Beyonces' Lemonade sweeter than yours?

Beyonce Lemonade

Beyonce scored with the yellow off the shoulder maxi worn throughout her latest visual album. For flowing Maxi Dresses click here to shop our Maxi Dresses    Sources say it (the flowing dress) was, naturally, selected for reasons outside of it being ah-mazing. In fact, speculation has surfaced that the styling was meant to channel an african goddess the Yoruba deity of love. 

"Yall think Beyonce was just breaking windows twerking and playing in water. No she was portraying OSHUN a Yoruba orisha ??? Sensual, sexual, beautiful Goddess, Deity who is a healer, gives life, growth, luxury, change and prosperity. That was the message of lemonade. Love, Change and Proseperity."


beyonce lemonade

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